Teppatana Paper Mill Company Limited, one of the leading manufacturers of quality recycled paper, was established in 1970. Our business operations have a stability and progress in terms of expanding operations and continuously improve the quality of the productions throughout. Currently, the company has a productions capacity 15,000 Tons per year.
Company’s operation policy focus on improving product quality and enhancing services with modern machinery and production technology together with personal who have been trained to have knowledge and expertise. The Quality products of the company are Uncoated Duplex Board, White Printing & Writing Paper, Color Paper, Eyesoft Paper and Glass Interleaving Paper.
Although, the company’s product can meet the needs of wide variety of customers but the company still has policy to expand production capacity and increase product variety to assure for the paper demand of customers who will increase in the future.

Executive Committee
Chairman of the Board
Mr.Thanes Phanichewa
Genneral Manager 
Mr.Pardit Cheangkorn
Advisory Director 
Mr.Sihapol Thiramanas
Mr.Vijarn Thirawan
Mr.Atiwat Ammaprug
 System Development
Mr.ฺBancha Tadchuen
Management Philosophy
The company believes that the success of the organization arises from the coordination and execution of qualified personnel. Therefore emphasizes the importance of training to increase their skills, knowledge and expertise.
Provided the Standard Organize Safety in factory and provided good welfare for employees and allowing every employee to participate in the company’s activities.
By doing so, the company has been successful and has received many awards such as the Excellent establishment and trade union award (labor relation), Certificate of Outstanding Safety Establishment at Provincial Level and Excellent establishment award for safety, occupational health and environment.

Production Process
The company operates with a commitment to produce quality products and social responsibility. By using used waste paper as the main raw material for paper production, this will help reduce waste, save trees and help reduce global warming.
At every step of the production process, various properties are examined and control the quality in the laboratory regularly. It is therefore assured that the quality standards meet the needs of customers.
In addition, the effluent from the production process is treated with a modern system that can be reused in the production process, which is the most cost-effective use of water resources

 ISO Committy
ISO 9001 Standard
ISO 9001 Standard Policy
 “Create the hightest customer satisfaction and enhance environment sustainability product development and continual quality management system”
The success of the company in implementing the quality standard ISO 9001 system into operation, it arises from the need to raise the quality standards and potential in various areas of the company with the following goals;
1. To enhance the management of the company in accordance with the international quality management system.
2. To increase the ability to produce consistent good quality products and services that make customers satisfied.
3. To develop the potential of employees to have knowledge, ability and responsibility in performing their duties properly.
4. In order to perform operations of various departments in accordance with regulations and operating manuals.
5. To maintain a clean and safe workplace environment